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Kurt Jackson

White Jackson Foundation Screen Printed Jute Bag

White Jackson Foundation Screen Printed Jute Bag

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New for 2022, is this white version of our iconic Jackson Foundation Jute Bag.


Kurt Jackson designed 4 'colour' screen printed jute bag.


This bag was inspired by the wild and windy weather of St Just, where the Jackson Foundation is situated. This design features the roofline of the Jackson Foundation gallery and the iconic grey mizzle of St Just's winter skies.


The bag itself measures 46cm x 32cm x 18cm, and is made of Jute, sustainable natural fibre. The bag's manufacturer GoJute has this to say about the material 


"Jute is a natural fibre and one of the strongest around. Traditionally farmed, it is grown in similar conditions to organic farming. The jute plant is rotated, while NO pesticides or fertilisers are used in the growing process and nothing is Genetically Modified.

"Jute is mainly grown in the Bengal area of India and grows fully in 4-6 months.

" Jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton, not only for cultivation but also for various uses.

"Jute is very versatile because all of the plant is utilised. The fibres are used to make: bags, fabrics, twine/rope, paper, shoes and carpet backing. " via www./


Item Details: 

  • 4 'colour' screen printed jute bag
  • Artwork designed by Kurt Jackson
  • Artwork printed onto both sides
  • Bag size W:46cm x H:32cm x D:18cm (approx)
  • Print size W:35cm x H:23cm (approx)


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