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Kurt Jackson

Trenarth Bridge, Porth Navas. Archival Lithoprint.

Trenarth Bridge, Porth Navas. Archival Lithoprint.

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Limited edition reproduction of the original Kurt Jackson painting Trenarth Bridge, Port Navas. High water with the grey wagtails. 2022. mixed media on museum board. 50 x 50cm.

This item is printed on textured 300gsm uncoated archival paper, producing an effect reminiscent of an original artwork while still being an affordable option for those aspiring to the real thing or as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Please note that being an uncoated paper, unlike most of our other prints to date, this archival paper has a matte finish producing a less glossy, more delicate effect.

Item Details:

  • Lithoprint
  • Printed on Conqueror 300gsm Contour High White uncoated archival paper
  • Image size x 40cm (approx)
  • 4cm white border on all sides
  • Paper size 48cm x 48cm (approx)
  • Limited Edition of 200
  • Signed and editioned by Kurt Jackson
  • Unframed


This lithoprint is delivered flat in-inbetween sturdy, recycled cardboard sheets.




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