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Kurt Jackson

New Forest Cicada. 2022. Sterling Silver Necklace.

New Forest Cicada. 2022. Sterling Silver Necklace.

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‘Cicada’ recycled sterling silver necklace designed by British contemporary artist Kurt Jackson.

“How many of us know that there was a cicada living in the UK? Those that holiday in Southern Europe will have heard those insect choirs in the olive groves and poplar trees and recognise the cicada’s song.

“Surprisingly, the “New Forest” cicada could be heard sing across South East England until 20 years ago when it appears to have become extinct in this country.

“Due to agricultural shifts and climate change the British cicada sings no more - a tragedy.” - Kurt Jackson.

Kurt Jackson scanned Victorian specimens from a museum collection and cast them in recycled silver to make this beautiful life-size necklace as a memorial to our loss.

Item Details:
  • Recycled Sterling silver.
  • Cicada: 3 x 1.5 x 0.5cm (approx).
  • Chain: 44cm (approx).
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