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The Jackson Foundation Presents

An Evening of Butterflies

An Evening of Butterflies

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Ticket to an evening of wine, art, music and nature.


This intimate ticketed event will comprise of a glass of Chateau Civrac Wild White on entry, talks on butterflies, conservation efforts and the effects of climate change by an eclectic range of speakers from writers to academics, canapés by the Old Coastguard, live music by very special guest Martha Tilston and the exciting opportunity to win a work by Kurt Jackson; with all proceeds going to support the work of conservation charity Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


On October 14th 2017, The Jackson Foundation, an environmentally focussed art-space in the far west of Cornwall will host an eclectic mix of talks, readings and music in aid of conservation charity Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


Not only is there a unique opportunity to win an original Kurt Jackson work; this fundraising evening also serves as official launch of the first collaboration between leading contemporary artist Kurt Jackson and winemaker Mark Hellyar’s Chateau Civrac.


A beautiful Kurt Jackson drawing of the Scarce Swallowtail butterfly graces the label of Chateau Civrac’s 2015 Wild White Sauvignon Blanc. Grown in the Bordeaux region of Cote de Duras, this wine is soft and fruity, with aromas of grapefruit and peach and a subtle vanilla finish.


Chateau Civrac is a natural wine producer, and as such their wines are organic as a minimum, with little in the way of chemical or technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into wine.


"We attempt to minimise mechanical intervention by hand pruning and minimal tractor work. This does mean that our vineyard does not look intensely manicured, in fact it looks a bit messy with grass growing between the vines and lots of native plants and wild flowers within that grass. However, this is supposed to be a natural place that supports a good wildlife system.


"I’m hoping that the more people understand about wine, the more that they will ask for wine that is made naturally.”
– Mark Hellyar


With these principals of low impact organic production with respect for nature foremost in his mind it is little surprise that this “Agent Provocateur” craftsman and Kurt Jackson - an internationally acclaimed artist and ecologist whose passion for natural world and commitment to championing the environment are channelled through his own artistic practice - were drawn together.


“It was over a glass of wine a number of years ago that Kurt and I discussed the possibility of working on a project together. Kurt had always been a supporter of my Wild White and together we share a passion for the environment and its conservation - me as a rude mechanical working amongst the vines and Kurt with an artistic eye of how to present it. So a project began....Our Scarce Swallowtail Wild White is due for launch at The Jackson Foundation in St Just, Cornwall on the 14th October.” – Mark Hellyar



Tickets will are limited and on sale at £5 per person.



Artist Kurt Jackson on Chateaux Civrac Scarce Swallowtail Wild White

We talk of a wine as elegant, smooth, light etc and these are all adjectives that could equally be used for butterflies – or in reverse the butterfly can become a fine metaphor for wine – something of beauty that requires the correct habitat and climatic conditions, can be rare or readily available, but is appreciated by almost everyone.     


My childhood memories contain wonderful experiences of wandering around France, camping wild and exploring that rich natural and cultural world. This was tied up with my earliest delving into that biodiverse habitat of the continent; butterflies were part of the allure, searching, catching, identifying, ticking them off and often drawing them in all their variety was my boyhood passion.         


I have now visited France for many years with my wife Caroline and still visit to wander and paint and yes, I notice the wildlife, the butterflies and of course enjoy the wine.     


So now for me butterflies and France (and wine) all go hand in hand.     


The Scarce Swallowtail is not especially rare in France but is almost unknown in the UK – maybe the odd individual is occasionally blown across the Channel to decorate our shores. It is a creature of supreme elegance and I feel that this drawing somehow captures that delightful gliding soaring flight, held aloft with the occasional flap of those stripy, pale, almost white wings. And then the tails - like tiny streamers trailing behind. They have the appearance of a very laid back, noble creature – a gorgeous butterfly that appears to take its time in life.     


And the wine – well I’m not used to writing or talking about wine but “I know what I like”, and this is one very elegant beautiful Sauvignon that I certainly enjoy. 


Wine-Maker Mark Hellyar on Chateaux Civrac Scarce Swallowtail Wild White


Scarce Swallowtail Wild White is made from 100% Sauvignon and grown in the Cote de Duras, this wine is soft and fruity. With aromas of grapefruit and peach and a subtle vanilla finish.


Many people have asked me about the name 'wild white' so here is the explanation: Sauvignon is derived from the French word ‘sauvage’  or ‘wild’ and Blanc means white. So together they become Wild white. I love the name because it conjures up images of the wild Cornwall coast and my time surfing there.


This wine is an ideal partner to fresh shellfish, especially crab but equally at home with most fish and vegetable dishes. Or just with friends.


The wine will be available exclusively from and via the kurt jackson website. Also to be enjoyed at St Tudy Inn and the Gurnards Head.


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