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Kurt Jackson

A Prehistoric Cornwall. (2020)

A Prehistoric Cornwall. (2020)

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Catalogue to accompany Kurt Jackson's 2020 exhibition A Prehistoric Cornwall at the Jackson Foundation Gallery, St Just.


This body of work sees Jackson visit the sites of prehistoric Cornwall and captures the county’s extraordinary range of ancient monuments with a new series of paintings and sculpture.

The landscape is full of these monuments. Some are obvious and picturesque - a stone circle - while others are incongruous, hidden and overlooked despite their size and historical significance; smothered by dual-carriageways, roundabouts and car dealerships.

All of these monuments are an important and integral part of the Cornish landscape as well as its culture, they are a piece of Cornish heritage.

“These are extraordinary places to visit, to draw and paint. As the eye, the hand, or the feet follow the features, the mind also wanders, trying to find meaning and explanation.” - Kurt Jackson 2020

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership.


  • 72 pages
  • 64 illustrations
  • Forward and Poem by Kurt Jackson
  • 26 x 23cm
  • Signed



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