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Kurt Jackson

Christmas Charity Print Bundle. Only x25 available.

Christmas Charity Print Bundle. Only x25 available.

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* WOW!!! This item sold out in less the 30 minutes! Thank you for your generosity in helping us raise £5,000 for the Street Food Project!  *


100% of proceeds from this Christmas bundle will be donated to the Street Food Project. Help us to raise £5,000 to support this group working to feed vulnerable and marginalised families and individuals in the Penzance area.


Limited to 25 bundles, one for each day between now and Boxing Day, this bundle comprises one copy (each) of the lithoprints On Black Rock and Cornish PaddlerThese prints are worth £150 individually, so as well as helping to feed some of the most vulnerable in society, this bundle also saves you £100. Keep both prints or gift one to a friend or loved one, it is completely up to you!


Our Chosen Charity: The Street Food Project


In the run-up to Christmas we hope to raise £5,000 for the Street Food Project, Penzance. This hot meal service, part of Growing Links operates 7 nights a week, 365 days a year. Volunteer-led, this service was created to support Penzance’s homeless and/or vulnerably housed, as well as families and individuals suffering from poverty. 


Street Food Project also put together shopping bags of store cupboard essentials for families or individuals in need.


Street Food Project volunteers and supporters cook hearty and nutritious food nightly and use the meal service to engage with members of our community who often feel marginalised by their circumstances. 


Over dinner and a friendly chat, they offer support and advice by linking people up to other agencies in the local community. 


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